Our philosophy

If you ask anyone today what they think about interviewing, they'll uniformly describe it as a negative experience. We'd like to change that.

Onsites was created by software engineers who also were hiring managers. We approach hiring with a different philosophy: treat your candidates like your customers.

Candidates who show up more prepared perform better, have a better impression of the company, and would be more likely to apply again in the future if things didn't work out.

We believe hiring at its core is a competitive sport. The winners are the ones who obsessively iterate and raise the talent bar.

What problems are we solving?

Before Onsites, Jared Tame helped build Tophatter's engineering team without a dedicated team of recruiters and coordinators that most large companies have. He constructed tools to increase hiring team efficiency while simultaneously improving candidate experience.

Onsites is providing these tools to help companies address pain points in their hiring process:

  • Improve candidate experience
  • Improve hiring team efficiency

Jared Tame, CEO

Before Onsites.co, Jared started GraffitiGeo (Y Combinator S09) which was acquired by Loopt. He co-founded Bloc - the first and now largest online developer bootcamp - in 2012.

He spent 4 years at a hypergrowth startup leading hiring efforts (read more here) and helped hire 15 software engineers.

Onsites.co has received funding from angel investors and is based in San Francisco, CA.